I'm available for private sessions and corporate classes.

Private sessions are held at my 

home studio in Islington 

80 per session

Corporate classes held at your office

80 per session


Yoga as Therapy

Yoga therapy uses traditional yoga techniques such as pranayama, asana, and guided meditation to help you connect to the intelligence in your body as well as the mind. It’s a wonderful tool in moving towards emotional balance and exploring how the patterns in your mind have a way of showing up in the patterns of your body. The practice is grounded in classical yoga but is also supported by my studies into psychotherapy.

The body stores all our stories, experiences and past relationships; therefore, a movement towards true emotional balance has to be an embodied one. Yoga therapy is an incredibly healing practice which helps us unravel past trauma and simply understand ourselves better. It’s a wonderful tool in creating lasting change.

Yoga therapy is absolutely beneficial to anyone. However, like traditional therapy, it can be particularly helpful for people dealing wth anxiety, depression, stress, chronic pain or anyone looking to heal.