Drawing on my many years of experience teaching yoga, as well as my studies into psychotherapy so far; I'm so pleased to introduce a series of workshops focused on understanding the mind, healing the body as a way of connecting to the soul.

The workshops will run over 7 weeks and each 3 hour workshop will focus on a different chakra. Each week will have a separate focus and look into aspects of the 'self.'

This course is perfect for anyone who is interested in the psychology of the body and curious to learn more about the space where eastern spirituality meets and intersects with western psychology. Each workshop will involve asana/movement but there will also be a strong focus on meditation and different therapeutic exercises to work into each of the chakras.  This isn't only a yoga workshop it's a blend of many things and the focus is really on using the chakra system, yoga and therapeutic techniques to uncover blocks in our body, behaviour and thinking that hold us back from reaching our fullest potential.

Date: Wednesday's beginning September 2017; 7pm. (Exact dates to be announced)
Address: Kilburn - (Closest tube: Kilburn Tube - Jubilee line - is a 3 minute walk away)

Week 1: Muladhara Chakra - Grounding, Survival, connection to family, connection to our physical body, Sense of Home.

Week 2: Svadhisthana Chakra - Movement, Emotion, Desire, Sensuality.

Week 3: Manipura Chakra - Autonomy, Authority, Individuation, Sense of Personal Power.

Week 4: Anahatha Chakra – Relationship, Self-Acceptance, Compassion, The way we love as a reflection of the way we have been loved in the past.

Week 5: Vissudhi Chakra – Communication, Truth, Lies, Creativity, Finding my Voice.

Week 6: Anja Chakra – Intuition, Pattern Recognition, Dreams, Transcendence.

Week 7: Sahasrara Chakra – Consciousness, The Witness, Belief Systems, Higher Power, Sense of Divinity, Connection to Soul.

Cost: for the full course including handbook £250.

To reserve your spot, please pay a deposit of  £100, the remainder to be paid 2 weeks before the beginning of the course.  

Email or call to book your spot.

This course is Open to absolutely everyone with a curious heart, who is interested in understanding themselves better.

As it is a multi-disciplinary course it will be especially interesting to yogis who are interested in understanding the psychology of the chakras or for therapists who are interested in involving the body more in the therapeutic process.

Spaces are very limited. I want to make sure that I give each student specialised attention so the course will be limited to 6 spaces only. Please get in quick – don’t want you to miss out.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions at all.